LED Conversions
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are low voltage diodes that produce an exceptional amount of light but consume a low amount of energy. LED use approximately 80% less energy than older florescent lighting systems. LED systems also last twice as long. With an LED Conversion, you save on both energy & maintenance costs.
Sign Face Changes
We can replace your old sign faces with new graphics to reflect your new business or changes to your existing brand.
Illuminated Sign Boxes
Illuminated signs are an easy, inexpensive way to display your brand on a building. We make top-quality light boxes in any shape from a variety of materials that meet your needs and your budget. All of our sign boxes come with the latest LED lighting technologies built into them.
Illuminated 3D (Channel) Letters
Let your name stand out with 3D letters illuminated with the latest, energy-efficient LED technology..
3D Letters
If you’re looking to put your brand’s best face forward in a creative way, dimensional letters are a great alternative to traditional signage.

3D letters are non-illuminated, but we can include spotlights, halo lights, or backlighting during sign installation, so your dimensional letters are visible even during the evening.
Dimensional letters aren’t just for the outdoors; they also give your business a professional ambiance as interior signs in your lobby or reception area.
Window Graphics
Window Decals and Graphics can help you communicate your brand to those passing by and those entering your space. Whether your custom window graphics are used in the interior spaces of your offices or on the street-facing windows of your business, your company’s products and services can be placed in the right place while keeping with your branding. Empty window space can be replaced with meaningful messages about your company, brand image or even advertisements.
Sign Maintenance & Rejuvenation
Along with fabrication and installations, we offer complete maintenance to make your old sign look new again. Whether you need cleaning, re-lamping or repairs, we can handle the job.
Attract new business with your all-weather banner. Vinyl Banners are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can help generate traffic and sell products. Banners are great for promotional sales events. The ease of installation and effectiveness of vinyl banners makes advertising easy.
Sign Installations
We ensure that your signs are safely and properly installed, so that people can see your message.
Coloured LED Window Highlighting
If your windows are not getting the attention they need, we can help. We can install RGB coloured LED modules to give them more pop! After installation, you will be given a remote control unit that will allow you to set the best colour pattern that gives you the colour, fade/flash, and speed change you feel best grabs passers-by.
Public Notice/Real Estate Signs
We have installed hundreds of signs
of this type. Our on ground installation techniques allow for quick installation of these temporary signs. Contact us with the location of the install. Please include the size of the sign(s) and direction of the sign. If you don’t have a sign already, we can help design and produce, then install.
Colour Changing Signs
If your signs aren’t getting you noticed as much as they once did, give them extra pop! We can change the lighting systems inside your sign boxes. We can convert them to RGB coloured LED. After installation of the RGB LEDs, You will be given a remote control unit that will allow you to set the best colour pattern that gives you the colour, fade/flash, and speed change you feel best grabs passers by.
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